Europe Trip

Day 1 Today we set off in Bluey on our Euro- trip. With a week’s worth of food, an OK bed (still needs improvement!) A nice big drum of drinking water, a working shower, and our very cute dog with her pet passport! I am always too relaxed with time, and Pato is always very … More Europe Trip

Mont Vorassay

We had planned on doing 3 walks around the Alps and this was the first on our list. We would be travelling and living in the van for 7 days and Milly was coming with us! Our goal was walking in the area of Mont Blanc so we bought a book called Mont Blank walks … More Mont Vorassay

Isle of Wight

We set off on a new adventure last weekend; We needed to get some sea kayaking practice in for our planned expedition to Greenland in September and found an instructor we liked on the Isle of Wight to do a sea kayak course in UK, so we decided to make a weekend of it. As … More Isle of Wight

Volcano Fuego

Having spent a fair bit of time researching trekking on the volcanoes of Guatemala, and reading other travellers experiences we concluded that we’d hire a guide. It was apparent in what we read that it wasn’t particularly safe to go walking alone, with high instances of robbery, and not knowing the public land from the … More Volcano Fuego