Our recommendations

Here you will find a short review and an link to some of the gear we’ve tried and tested on our adventures and highly recommend!

Mammut Ayako high gtx trekking boots.

We found these boots very comfortable both male and female version, we wear them on our treks when snow is not involved and they perform very well. We’ve tried them in the snow and although they are still comfortable and grip well, however the lack of compatibility with B2 + crampons discount them as a choice for technical winter trekking. But they are perfect for easy winter walks. They aren’t very warm in very cold conditions.

Osprey Atmos AG 65l rucksack.

A very comfortable and adjustable backpack with lots of pockets and straps that provide you with many options when packing. The strong stiff waist belt takes some getting used to at the beginning. It can be a little annoying and on a couple of occasions has been uncomfortable. This being said it soon became a staple go to backpack for all our adventures.  It really distributes the weight inside the bag well, and it stays in position on your back very well. We both have this rucksack. It comes in male and female versions to suit both frames and in different sizes/colours.

Antiblister socks.

Really cheap solution for not having to worry about getting blisters on the heel area. It sounds too good to be true but these really are a god send! They are simply magic. Pata went from getting terrible blisters to being blister free even on multiple day treks. They wash well and are comfortable inside your normal walking socks! Awesome!