Pato’s met in August 2015 and clicked instantly. We couldn’t be happier than when we are off grid off on an adventure together be it travelling the world or spending time in the UK or Spain (our native countries) Mountaineering, hiking, climbing, kayaking, caving, staying in our van Bluey or camping!  Best of all is when our beautiful 4 year old spaniel Milly is with us.

This blog is about sharing our experiences as we journey through life together. The big trips, the small trips, the walks, and anything else interesting that we get up to.

Pato/ Carlos is a 36 year old from Madrid, Spain. A welder by trade, doing rope access welding jobs where possible! Pato’s work rota is very strict.  This restricts the lengths of our trips and means that a lot of the trips have to be very well planned to fit everything in, this is the reason the trips are only ever 2 weeks or less.

Pato loves: Mountaineering (the more extreme the better) Navigating: maps/compasses/GPS he guides us where we go! Scuba diving, caving, climbing, being out in the wilderness. He loves to test himself to the limit! He also loves Motorbikes and beer!!

Pata/Daisy is a 30 year old Intensive care nurse from Wales. Who does very well fitting her work around Pato to enable trips to happen!

Pata loves: All things gym and sports, scuba diving, hiking, extreme adventures! (However she has a terrible sense of direction and Pato is the designated navigator… for now!) Pata is desperately trying to learn Spanish! Daisy has coeliac disease meaning she cannot eat gluten. Hence the gluten free section of the blog, hoping to provide info for anyone else out there that may stumble upon the blog in the same boat.

Milly is our 5 year old Sprocker Spaniel. She loves big walks, mountains, sniffing things, chasing the ball, getting as muddy as possible in a short a time as possible and being generally cute and fluffy. Watch out for her blog posts, especially when she goes away in the van with Patos. 🙂