Fuel for Adventures.

For many of our adventures we end up off the grid, this means ensuring we are well prepared when there are no facilities available to us. With the added difficulties of one of us being gluten free we set out to find tasty freeze dried meals that we could live on out in the wild. There are some pretty terrible ones out there so were pleasantly surprised to find a British company that makes enjoyable meals in a variety of flavours, with plenty of gluten free options. We’ve used them for all our adventures and still enjoy them.


They come in varying sizes from low calorie (450) to high energy (1000). They Can be mixed with hot or cold water (obviously far tastier using hot and quicker to be ready!)


Our favourite flavours are the Chicken TikkaSweet and Sour Chicken and the Carbonara. But there are over 20 flavours in total including some deserts (the custard and apple is particularly tasty). They also cater for vegetarians.


They have comforted us at the end of long days kayaking in Greenland. Been handy when traveling Europe in our van in the wild, and warmed us up in snowy Scotland.

When we head off trekking on the Himalayas and traveling Asia next month we will be carrying some with us. In fact there’s usually one or two in our backpacks just in case!


They are more expensive than some (between £5-£8 each) but we feel its worth it. They are made with fresh, simple ingredients and actually taste like what they are supposed to be, while keeping a fair texture. Yum Yum!

You can check them out here.

Please note – We fancied writing this having been impressed by the meals and is just an opinion we wanted to share with word press!

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