Gluten free Venice

I always dreamt of going to Venice so when given the opportunity to go  I jumped at the chance. I’d always wondered how difficult it would be to have a gluten free holidays in Italy as a coeliac and was a little apprehensive setting off to the land of pasta and pizza! I will be honest I was expecting to live on salad for a couple days like I have done in other places… to my surprise it was VERY Gluten free friendly and I needn’t have worried at all. This isn’t as detailed a post as id like it to be because I spent too much time enjoying myself, and not enough time making notes of the places I visited, but heres what I have.



It was a beautiful city and we spent two days just wondering about getting lost. While walking about stopping for an Aperol spritzer here and there we walked past countless restaurants advertising gluten free pasta and some that did gluten free pizza.

I was silly and didn’t make a note of all the places we ate BUT wanted to make this post to reassure other coeliacs that it really is doable out there, I’d go so far as to say I was even spoilt.

The funniest food experience we had was at Trattoria Al Gazzettino (San Marco, 4997, 30124 ) A very quirky proper Italian restaurant that was simply bonkers! It was tiny, very traditional, had a very friendly owner, and lovely but rushed waiters buzzing about trying to keep up with the flow of diners in and out!

We arrived at the perfect moment and were led to a table straight away but saw a queue developing as we ate, by the time we left there was a big queue in the street.



They served nice wine and delicious gluten free food (They had a good awareness of coeliac disease and told me exactly what I could have on the menu, they even adapted a starter for us so that I could eat it) and boy the food was delicious! I had carbonara with the most proper pasta tasting pasta I have had since being coeliac! A lovely Mixed fish starter, cooked to perfection…. We really enjoyed this place and would recommend it.

The only negative was that it felt rushed at the end and we would have liked to have taken our time finishing up our drinks! I would recommend that you book or go early. They gave us all a free drink at the end of the meal and did a gluten free version for me, along with giving us some free ice cream, I even got a tasty free biscotti!

Gluten free pasta


The atmosphere was buzzing and the owner would come along with a big pan of different dishes and put some on our plates to try! Such fun! Definitely the dining highlight of our trip.




Pizzeria Vittoria (Calle Lunga delle Chioverette 745, 30135)

Although it was in a very touristy area right near the train station, and it didn’t look like much from the outside. It was late in the evening and most places had shut, having walked around unable to make up our minds about where to go, we saw this pizza place advertising gluten free pizza and we had to stop. The staff were very attentive, I got a little packet of very tasty gluten free crackers, and when the pizza arrived he explained how careful the kitchen is not to cross contaminate. I felt confident eating it, and boy it was tasty.

Gluten free pizza


Honestly don’t let being gluten free put you off visiting. You won’t know where to chose, and it wasn’t hard to find gluten free bread etc in local supermarkets. I found this to be the most gluten free friendly city I have visited in a long time. May was a good month as it wasn’t too busy, the weather was nice and it wasn’t smelly! But it does mean you will eat a lot of carbs!!

On a final note we walked past a shop called Mea libera Tutti (Calle de la Racchetta 3762/63) that was sadly closed when we discovered it but it looked like a fully gluten free shop with bread and other bits and pieces for sale!

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