Milly on the Glyders

Today my humans took me to Wales for an adventure, I was a little excited in the van and annoyed them a bit with my squeaks of impatience to get out!

Having done Snowdon a couple of times they decided to take me up Glyder Fawr the highest peak in the Glyders range (standing at 1000m). The starting point was Pen-Y-Pass car park, as this is Snowdon’s main car park we slept in the van the night before and arrived early. By 7:45am the car park was already full of cars, people getting ready and excited dogs. You could park for free in various laybys either side of the car park if there is space if you wanted to. The walk starts to the left of the youth hostel. There is a gate and a style to climb over (I don’t like these very much!)


I had to stay on the lead for the beginning of the walk as there were a few sheep dotted about and although I am not a vicious dog, and I wouldn’t attack an animal I do rather like to chase things; leaves, twigs, feathers, squirrels, sheep. but not cows, cows scare me! So I trotted along enjoying the new smells, after we had climbed up and over the first hill we could see that there weren’t any sheep so I was set free! This was amazing! I went bounding around the interesting land, long grass, short grass…boulders, rocks, I was in bliss! Then something amazing happened, I found water, water and mud.


I could stay off the lead all the way up as there were no sheep in sight! We decided to turn right and take a steep path rather than follow the clear path left so it was quite a steep climb up! This didn’t stop me bouncing around like an antelope. There were lots of little streams for me to cool down in and stop for drinks so I didn’t need any water from my humans.

They made me pose for a few photos (I Secretly enjoy doing this but don’t tell them!)


I had to keep waiting for them because they weren’t as quick as me but this gave me an opportunity to take in all the smells and the view of Snowdon across the valley.


At the top of Glyder Fawr it got very foggy very quickly and I could smell sheep which excited me I headed off in the direction of the smell so I was put back on my lead. It was strange in the fog, luckily there are lots of cairns at the summit, we headed over towards an interesting ridge we could see towards Glyder Fach but by the time we got there it was so foggy we couldn’t see the ridge anymore! There were lots of sheep at the top so I stayed on the lead for quite a while!


On the way back down we headed off towards the path we were originally going to take and this was an easier walk than the way up, but there were more sheep on this section so it was more lead time for me! At around half way down I was allowed off again but I behaved myself and stayed with my pack.


We got back to the van after over 5hours of walking and I was ready for a looooooooong sleep! I was given a tasty treat for behaving myself and I spent the rest of the day snuggled up in my bed.

I would definitely say this was a human friendly walk. Bring them with you!

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 19.29.11


2 thoughts on “Milly on the Glyders

  1. Milly, love YOUR blog! My dog, Gunnar, wants his own but is still working on punctuation. Until he has the basics down pat I just can’t let him have his own page. I really don’t want to deal with an embarrassed dog! Looking forward to more posts from you.

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